Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

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How do YOU react when life throws you a CRISIS?
Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

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"What a wonderful book! It shows you how to stay calm, cool and effective no matter what is going on around you. Everyone should read it." -- Brian Tracy, Author, Focal Point Todays 24/7 technology has created a love-hate relationship. It saves us precious time but has increased our work demands and created information overload. We are called upon to ever more productive multi-taskers and multi-role players causing epic levels of stress. Author Carolyn Gross shows you how to use proven life exploration skills to determine how stress is affecting your health. Discover how you can become calm, centered, and poised in the midst of our over scheduled, unsettled world. This book gives you the tools to restore, relax and renew yourself. You can create personal chaos- or not- simply by the way you script your life and respond to life's events. By reading this book you will learn: Practical ways to manage stress How to thrive in challenging times Non traditional alternatives to wellness How to tune into your body for wisdom-based decisions

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